Ultimate Access Coaching

The Ultimate Access Coaching and Consulting Program is your shortcut to the top. Once accepted, you will be invited to join our exclusive closed door training sessions and high-level masterminds. Here you will experience an open sharing of confidential information and access to high-level business contacts that would normally never be shared.

Built-For-You Services

Success follows speed. From our experience if you have a great idea: you can pretty much guarantee that someone else is working on that very same idea right now. Instead of investing endless amounts of money along with weeks, months or even years that to get your business launched let our experienced team help you accelerate the process.

Market Pulse & Research

The CORE of any intelligent business or project start up is correct market and business research, analysis, tracking and testing. Inevitably we find that businesses that are struggling or failing do not have a tested and proven process for success. "They are guessing or asking other people to guess for them." We can show you how to create predictable profitable results.

Decisive Coach Services


Let us show you how to:

• Become unstoppable in the pursuit of your ideal life and business.
• Uncover the shortcuts to making anything that’s possible – possible.
• Achieve life balance between work, home, health, etc.
• Gain the credibility and exposure needed to sell to your potential customers.
• Effortlessly create rapport with your customers by influencing them with integrity.

Let us help your business team:

• Discover and apply the quickest ways to create irresistible products and services.
• Get a True Market Pulse and know exactly how to sell to your niche.
• Generate more leads, exposure, PR, and traffic for your business.
• Create unlimited joint ventures and connections for your business.

Ultimate Access Business Solutions

1-on-1 Coaching As Needed Plan
Private 1 or 2 Day Mastermind with Lance Hood
Private 1 or 2 Day Working Session with Lance & Team
Ultimate Access Coaching
Ultimate Access Consulting
Platinum Mastermind
Ultimate Access Inner Circle

Built-For-You Business Solutions

Coaching Business Setup
Consulting Business Setup
Mastermind Business Setup
Teleseminar Business Setup
Affiliate Business Setup
JV Manager Business Setup

Targeted Business Solutions

Existing Business Overhaul
VIP Feedback Survey and Analysis
Market Pulse and Analysis
Pulse on Your Existing Business/List
Compilation of Strategic Swipe File
Keyword Research
Business Game Plan & Monetization Strategy
Web Intelligence Setup – Analytics, Heat Maps, Etc.
Split-Testing and Conversion Improvement
Copywriting Brainstorming Sessions
E-Commerce & Affiliate Program Setup
Create your (OCP) Online Credibility Presence
Branding Website / Blog setup
Help with Writing your Book
Best-Seller Launch for Your Book
Email Opt-in Setup
Autoresponder Sequence Setup
Customer Support Portal Setup
Testimonial/Endorsement Collection & Display
Creation of Digital Products
Audio Editing
LOGO & Graphics Design
Write & Submit Press Releases and Articles
Joint Venture Management

"To say that working with Lance has completely changed my life would be an understatement.
I am grateful for his help."
- Julie Hart,
  Teleseminar Host
"In Lance I found a genuine person who delivers above and beyond. Most of all I like to call him my friend."
- David Goodman,
  Concert Promoter
"He knows how to make big things happen and how to get big names to work with You."
- Kristen Howe,
Go Big Coach
"Lance was my mentor in helping me develop one of the largest and successful telesummit's"
- Darius Barazandeh,
"Thank You for spending hours on end with me in my business and for being my friend"
- Les Brown,
World Renowned Motivational Speaker
"Lance is committed to his partners success and he does what he says he's going to do"
- Dr. Andy Fuehl,
Best-Selling Author Wealth Without a Job
"Here I am a Guru in the area of small business and I can't believe all the stuff I learned from Lance Hood."
- Ed King,
Director of Small Business for Wayne State University
“He has coached me personally... He can teach you how to go from nobody to somebody in no time....
- George Antone,
National Speaker and Author in Finance & Real Estate
“After talking with Lance only once, I have been able to follow my dreams which I am now living.”
- Jacquie Blaze,
TV Personality